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Iconic. … It means different things. Inspiring. Horrifying. Interesting. Depressing. Shocking. Uplifting. Enlightening. Frustrating. Thought provoking. Empathy evoking.

It captures a powerful moment. It tells a story and stirs emotion.

It grabs the viewer and refuses to let go.

It impacts beyond its viewing. It connects in a more powerful way than words. It details the magnitude of a moment or event. It evokes further thought. It alludes to a bigger story.

It holds within it a greater meaning for the moment and for the subject. It gives perspective and shows the subject in a different light.

The best still images, they just nail you, you remember them,” Bill Eppridge, LIFE magazine photographer said in an interview.

The beauty of an image is that its interpretation and meaning is different for every viewer. Although the take away may seem the same, everyone experiences and relates to it differently.

An icon is then two things at once; it is simultaneously an image and an idea, it is both a sign and a symbol.” – from Getty Images Masters Collection

Many iconic images come from a shared event or experience. But not all. Instead, some allow viewers to experience an event in a new and powerful way.

They have an astonishing degree of universal recognition, taking on diverse meanings as they are transmitted across cultures.”   – according to Martin Kemp in a 2011 article

In a way it’s like pornography; ‘I know it when I see it.’ And this is perhaps the most fitting description and definition possible, because until I see it, experience it and am ultimately grabbed by it, it’s not an image I can safely call iconic.