As the semester winds down, I figured a look back at what we’ve learned was appropriate. It’s amazing to consider all that we’ve done in the last several months. There were even a few things I never thought I could accomplish. So, before bidding Flash class a final adieu, it’s time to look at the highs and lows of this fun-filled Fall semester.

We tweened, tweaked, toggled, tested and troubleshot it all as we figured out Flash week after week.

‘If’ and ‘else’ took on entirely different meanings as we learned a whole new language. We made timelines, infographics, maps and games. We generated numbers, kept score and timed it all.

We lived through late nights in the lab, troubleshooting until Google gave us the answers we sought. We leaned on each other and Lynda, learning even more from the failures and freak-outs than the solutions and successes.

As this class ends, the real learning begins. We now have the basics and troubleshooting tools to continue to create in the future. And as we begin the next semester, keeping our skills sharp will be the biggest challenge.

So, dear fun, fabulous, Flash, it’s fair well for December, but not forever! January will be just the beginning of our continued tormenting time together.