Pop-up video! This is perhaps my favorite throwback to the more cheese-tastic days of VH1 – not sure if it was a 1980s or ’90s thing, as it seems to bleed into both decades in my mind. No matter the moment in time (I think they even revived it recently, although I’m unsure since I can’t currently afford cable), it still makes me think of all the random comments, bizarre facts and all around useless information pop-up video supplied to the masses in the name of music entertainment.

So, as I sat in class, hearing the assignment on inserting captions into different points of a video, I immediately channeled VH1’s video series. And while mine isn’t nearly as fun, I did at least attempt to pay homage to the wacky style pop-ups used.

The in and out effect was achieved by setting two cue points – one where the movie clip became visible and another where is became invisible. While I initially thought I could achieve this with an else statement within the function that called the initial cue point, I was unable to get the behavior to occur the way I wanted. Instead of an else statement, I had to add another if statement calling a cue point to change the visibility again.

And, although I know sound (Charity and Professor Nam’s favorite suggestion) would make it even better, I left it simple for now. Maybe after final projects I can add more fun facts and sounds to my campus edition of pop-up video. Then again, my sister’s wedding video might be a more entertaining place to start.