So, as I looked over the tutorial posted, I was amazed at the idea I could possibly create a virtual spinning globe that displays with a pseudo-QR code and a webcam. Luckily for me, my classmate, Jessica Torrez-Riley, found an even better tutorial (with accompanying zip file) and figured out that you can in fact edit a .dae file.

Once I opened the included actionscript file, I was able to manipulate the action script and figure out the instances that called in the 3-D sphere my image would overlay across. By changing parts of the actionscript, I was able to change the rotation speed and even rotate it on the Y-axis, instead of the X-axis. I even was able to duplicate the functions to create a second globe, so that one appears to rotate around another, small globe.

Check out my rotating globe: 

Don’t believe the video? If you want to try it for yourself, you can print out the image, found here:

Then go to this link and hold up the paper:

And here’s a fun fact, apparently GoDaddy’s server, or at least the version I pay for and Elon’s server do NOT support the files or code contained in the zip file. Again, thanks to JTR, for hosting my project for the next few days!