How can you consider social news and citizen journalism in the same discussion? How can you compare actual reporting and news-gathering with commenting, tagging and republishing? Where one involves true journalistic pursuits, doesn’t the other require little cognitive effort given today’s technology?

What does a news landscape consisting of only voted on content look like? Consider the pitfalls of trusting popularity rule. What about minority voices? Then there is the concept of giving some users more clout than others. What becomes of democracy then?

With technology making political communication and marketing increasingly important, how can regular users track down the truth? If branding is everything and all citizens are capable of online content-creation, can journalism shed light on the process, candidates, politics and most importantly, the truth?

While Web offers a unique place for political discourse to occur and votes to feel more accessibility to leaders, how can it still hold the power to exclude smaller, less educated or less affluent individuals? As we lessen political divides, are we creating greater social ones? How can we offer the most access to all people and opinions?