How can you keep things private, when you don’t understand the policy to begin with? As the policies continually change, users struggle to keep up. Considering experienced users cannot make sense of security settings, what hope do novice users have for navigating the new wave of data dealing currently taking place?

The consumer has now become the product. – What a scary concept. By sharing personal information online, you are supplying them free product. Makes you wonder how valuable the service is – when you have to give up your personal privacy to get it. We tend to worry about our privacy with other users, yet fail to consider what we’re giving over to third parties.

With this business model so intertwined in our online world, what power do we have to turn the tide? What kind of invasion will have to occur before users demand a massive shift in policy? What does the future look like considering the continuing evolution of the Social Web?

Even more terrifying are cloud applications, where everything can potentially be stored in the cloud, not on a device within your possession. Freedom Box sounds like an interesting solution where you possess the device that runs your web server, mail server and more.

This is just what you are giving third-parties and governments, imagine how dangerous a theft of such information can become.