With Flash, staying on top of things is not only a battle with one’s self, but also a battle with actionscript. It seems if you miss one step or one concept, you can easily fall infinitely behind before you know it.

I thought I would have more time before I felt lost, but smack dab in the middle of week nine, it happened. All of a sudden I looked around and couldn’t find my bearings within the dense forest of actionscript. It seemed moments before I was happily walking down the path to complete Flash knowledge, comfortable with my buttons, following the movie clips and tweens successfully and understanding how to make things happen when a single item hit another item.

Somewhere along my happy trail, dynamic text took over. No more easy-to-read road signs, no more logical transitions to the next frame, I was lost with nothing to guide me but ever-changing inputs and outputs that left my path unclear.

How do I escape the dark forest before night falls and my grade disappears with the creatures of the night? I believe my only hope is finding a tour guide to assist me in my travels. I must look to Lynda or Sang for guidance. My only other hope, is to find my classmates within the landscape and hope that together we can navigate to a clearing and work together to seamlessly light the actionscript forest, so that navigation becomes easy and understandable. We must work together to clear the path and make sense of the tricky road signs that dot our path. By understanding them, we can begin to employ them for our own use.

I hope to find my bearings by week 10 and find guidance from Lynda and Sang and find partners in my classmates to take on the forest as a team and survive together. Although I know daybreak is coming, I’m just still struggling in the dark for now.