Prior to reading “Quentin Tarantino’s Star Wars?: Digital Cinema, Media Convergence and Participatory Culture,” I can’t help but wonder what the take away is. What lessons can Star Wars and all the media hype surrounding it teach us about convergence and participatory culture?

Does the future consist (even more than today) of massive marketing campaigns where everything is interconnected? Does Star Wars show us the power of branding? Is this a cautionary tale that looks to showcase the inherent faults in massive distribution across every platform possible (movie, books, toys, apparel, games, etc.)? What happens when the story isn’t Star Wars and the narrative falls flat?

Is it an entirely different message altogether? Can we look to digital cinema and online participation for the next big narrative? Will this type of production outpace large studios in quality and return on investment?

How does the force relate to our future and what does Tarantino have to do with it?