Before beginning Clay Shirky’s “Here Comes Everybody,” several questions came to mind. What can corporations and other large formal groups take away form the new online groups that are forming? Can formal management be replaced with a mere online moderator? How can we make groups we “get stuck with” function more like groups we readily choose to join?

Upon reading in a few chapters, as a former newspaper copy editor/page designer, I couldn’t help be be struct be the discussion of mass amateurization in the journalism profession. If “a profession exists to solve a hard problem, one that requires some sort of specialization,” then what exactly can students of interactive media hope for the future? With technology making web publishing, web development, animation, video production and even app development easier, where is there room for professionals? It’s no longer a question of, should every crackpot with an internet connection publish globally? We’re already there. In a world of mass amateurization, can we ever really find a professional niche that’s safe from takeover?