While working this past two weeks on an interactive career map built in Flash, many struggled with the assignment and couldn’t wait for the moment of completion. While this was a natural first thought, I couldn’t help but think beyond it once the action script had materialized within my own document.

If I can create a career map that zooms in and out, displaying information about my life and accomplishments, I could create a map containing statistical or geographic information that would be of use to others. I believe this to be the greater goal of the project and hope others will have this flip-switch moment too.

It’s not about the project but the function. If you can master the function, you can create just about anything with it. Imagine a locality map that displays voting tallies in elections, a map of counties that displays census statistics or even a map of space that displays scientific data.

It will be the ability to bridge the function from the initial application, to a vastly different, more complicated one that will put you above others in the job market. We’ve all been told to think big picture and this is one way to accomplish that goal. It’s important to understand the details, yes, but it’s more important to be able to apply the broader skill to various projects.